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Don’t Abdicate The Throne: Leadership Expert and Author Dr. Lisa Brooks Greaux on Taking Back Your Power

Women in leadership roles in the workplace was once an anomaly. African American and Latina women in high-ranking positions is something that has not been seen before. It is no secret that there is a short supply of Black CEOs or women in leadership positions. Having a direct seat at the table, Dr. Lisa Brooks Greaux saw this disparity and quickly decided she wanted to enact change. A persistent challenge, especially for women’s rights, however; Dr. Lisa Brooks Greaux is defying all odds.

A natural-born leader, who is okay with being disruptive. She is going to ask the tough questions and find out why? She is going to dig deeper and also speak up for those who don’t. She likes to push the envelope right up to the edge. A true representation for other women who seek their own seats at the table.

Widely acclaimed Leadership Expert, Speaker, Author, and founder of SYNC Worldwide (Seek Your Natural Calling), Dr. Lisa Brooks Greaux has dedicated her life and work to developing the talent in people. She does her due diligence in helping people see for themselves the untapped potential that has been inside of them all along. She equips individuals, brands, and business leaders alike with the tools necessary to strive for more and accomplish their goals.

Dr. Brooks Greaux has a sincere passion for speaking life into the patrons she works with. As a student and Professor, she saw the need for getting individuals to recognize their own power. She saw many students squandering their potential, and she didn’t want them to graduate without any true direction. As she poured into her students, she realized she wanted to mentor people on a much larger scale, thus creating SYNC. Seek Your Natural Calling “SYNC” Worldwide is a boutique HR company that provides executive coaching, leadership development and customized coaching; with an expertise in building up women of color.

“I see people as they are, but I also see people for who they can become. People are satisfied with the little bit but there is so much more…” Dr. Brooks Greaux cites, as she encourages others to strive forth, seeing the best in themselves.

Although making her way to the top came with its own challenges, she never gave up.

Determined and dedicated, she didn’t allow others to see her for less than what she was. Oftentimes Dr. Brooks Greaux recalled that she had to work twice as hard as her counterparts just to be seen or taken seriously, but she was not shy in standing up for herself. She would push those tough questions and call people out on their “unconscious bias” to not treat her indifferently due to her race or gender. She stands for inclusion and by representing her, she is also standing up for others who look like her, and not just race or gender, but also age.


Throughout her journey to leadership, she has faced many tough lessons in which she recounts in her novel “Don’t Abdicate The Throne”. Dr. Brooks Greaux pens a HOW TO guide for those who are in need of a mindset shift. Her book advocates for people to speak up for themselves and acclaim their


power. “We all have power. Power doesn’t look like just money. There are so many dimensions of power we just don’t utilize them.” She encourages her readers to ask for what they want and stand in their truth of what they deserve for their hard work.

Lisa Brooks Greaux is a trailblazer in her own right and is setting a pathway for other leaders, especially women of color, to dominate those male spaces and those industries and by reclaiming their power so other women (and men) can seek their rightful place on their throne.

Hats off to you, Mrs. Greux!

Visit her website to learn more.

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