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Simone Gordon: The Fairy Godmother We NEED

Simone Gordon, aka “The Black Fairy Godmother”, is known for being the founder of an assistive non-profit organization, “The Black Fairy Godmother Foundation”. She is a mother to her nonverbal autistic son, witnessing first-hand what it was like to need any form of help, with no one willing or able to provide it to her. With her personal experience weighing heavily and her life’s observations- birthed her organization. Its mission is to provide assistance to black and brown marginalized families, with the intention of providing them with stability, and the proper tools necessary to ensure success dependent upon their needs.

Gordon received the nickname from a woman on the verge of eviction. Gordon then felt that it was her goal to continue to help others: especially women, children, and minorities, in any ways she knew how. Her support is ranging internationally, as she has accrued over forty-four thousand Instagram followers, and has been featured by People, The Kelly Clarkson Show, Good Morning America, and more.

The programs offered span over a multitude of topics, such as: domestic violence, scholarships, and even a program entailing adoption wherein a fundraiser is organized to make donations to families in need through the power and usage of social media platforms. Every situation is personally vetted to properly calculate the necessary assistance per family or person. Between social media and crowdfunding, the organization has seen great success and continues to operate thanks to other “Fairy Godmothers”.

Simone Gordon stands for assisting, providing opportunities, and second chances. It is beyond evident in her platform and her personality which formulates her clear cut purpose, that she is indeed, “The Black Fairy Godmother”.

Written By: Hannah Fletcher 

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