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A Legacy in the Making: Mom, Wife, and Boss Robiar Smith and her rise into Entrepreneurship

Mother of three, devoted wife, beloved daughter, and a powerful influential woman in her own right, the CEO of RB Pest Solutions and women mogul Robiar Smith is making a way for black women to also pull up a seat at the table when it comes to entrepreneurship. This Mompreneur is changing the game by providing fresh and innovative ways for people to continue to enjoy luxuries like eating in restaurants or even sitting in your workplace pest free. Primarily behind the scenes, she is making a name not only for her company RB Pest Solutions but also for the city of Chicago.

“I want to create a space and representation for people who look like me in this industry to get rewarded to provide for their children and families…Entrepreneurship was not something that I set out to do. cited Robair, however “It’s like when the love of your life has been around all this time but you have been looking everywhere else.”

Growing up, she recalled how the environment she was raised in taught her to go through higher education and excel through the corporate ladder. Her focus was on her academics, not realizing one day the skillsets gained from her years in school would lead her to being a woman CEO of a black-owned pest control company.

Pest control is not a field that is commonly thought to be in, but when someone from their team who is speaking to the community about the job and its role, they are seeing a representation of themselves. Robiar provides a fresh set of eyes in this field and although it is currently male-dominated, the warm welcome and positive feedback she has received thus far has kept her going. She is giving a facelift to the pest control industry and writing new rules when it comes to minority women in business.

Since starting her company she has made great strides in a progression such as building up a team of highly trained technicians, creating partnerships of service with large companies such as Discover who opened up a call center on the South Side of Chicago, and even launching her new pest solutions line of mattress covers available on her website .

The fruit of her labor is a blessing and a large testament to the work she is putting in with the district and her company as a whole.

True Chicago native, Robiar states that she is really trying to put Chicago on the map and let people know that RB Pest Solutions is here to stay. Their goal is to provide new and innovative ways to find solutions to pests and rodents and apply their unique identity to their customer service approach. What sets them apart from competitors is they are not trying to be anything other than authentic.

Having such a large role in this capacity, juggling being a mom, a wife, and a boss, it can seem to be overwhelming even for one person. However, Robiar holds it all to the help of her husband.

Forever beaming at the mention of him, she spoke highly of the aid he provides into her life. “If my husband was not in my life, and he did not say Robi STOP we’re taking a trip, or Robi STOP we’re going on a date, I wouldn’t have a balance.”

He has made a conscious priority to make sure they stop and rest and take a break from the business. As emptinesters of three adult daughters, they are able to fall in love again and take some time for themselves.

Robiar Smith’s testament and journey to her rise shows that women can have it all, especially black women, to keep striving for more and know that it is all a part of the journey. Be a student of life, be willing to learn, and although growth is uncomfortable, take heed of the lessons along the way and you will go far.

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