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Meet Noel Allen from Cosmic Love

Cosmic Love is a dating show which premiered August 12, 2022 on Amazon Prime. In this one-of-a-kind social experiment, four singles, each representing an element of astrology (earth, air, water, and fire) are looking to the stars to find their match made in heaven. Among the four showrunners, Noel Allen represented the water signs being a Pisces himself, looking for his soulmate. Now among the stars, compatibility states a likely partner for a water sign is a Capricorn, Cancer, Leo or Taurus. Allen decided he wanted to mingle and give all signs a fair chance, proving in the end that Jazmine Potts, a Gemini, was his soulmate. I was able to catch up with Noel Allen on his experience on the show Cosmic Love and some insight on what it was like dating with the stars.

Congratulations on the show Noel! Can you tell us a little bit about your experience on the show Cosmic Love?

My experience on Cosmic Love was actually pretty interesting. I went through alot of houses, I learned so much more about astrology that I actually never knew because growing up you hear so much about your horoscope, and I feel like it was so generalized. Certain things applied to me, certain things did not apply to me, but after being on the show and having things really broken down for me I came to be a true believer of astrology.

Did you already know about astrology before you got on the show? What made you decide you wanted to look to the stars to find your true love?

Honestly, no I didn’t really know too much about astrology. I only knew what I saw pop up on my news feed, or my mom always telling me you need to be with a Virgo because her life experience she always saw Pisces and Virgo work well together. But other than that I didn’t have too much experience about it. At first I was a little skeptical about believing in the actual astrology aspect of it, but I was like you know what, let’s give this a try, why not, it’s something new, something different. I got offered other reality TV shows but they didn’t fit me too well. My mom is into astrology and she’s always like Virgo,  Virgo, Virgo! So I was like you know what, let me go see what the stars have for me!

Now that the show is over and based on your experience, would you encourage others to date based on astrological signs and compatibility?

Oh of course! I would definitely encourage others to use astrology in their own dating life. For me personally, I think they’re spoiler alerts in there sometimes, so I would just rather learn for myself; but if you really don’t have time, especially busy professionals who are always on the go, it is a great way to find a match with someone just based on their signs. It’s actually real!

In the show you mention having a fear of commitment and not wanting to settle down. What made you decide to take the chance on cosmic love knowing that the outcome would be to find your soulmate/marriage?

At first, I was like let’s give this a try. I didn’t think I would find anybody because we’re only there for five weeks, but realistically thinking about it, you don’t have your phone or any distractions. Twenty-four hours just communicating with each other. I’ve probably spent more time with the ladies there than I did with girls I’ve known for years because we could only see each other on weekends, or here and there. Actually being there 24/7 together you really get to know each other. Also, the astrology aspect of it was like legit, spot on!

Your match Jazmine Potts is a Gemini (air sign) which is most compatible with a fire sign, and water sign (Allen, Pisces) most compatible with earth. Despite these differences, you found your connection with an air sign. How did that connection come about since air signs/water signs are not known to be compatible?

Our compatibility came about from being the “odd couple” out of the group, but we fed off each other’s energy. She is very positive, very genuine, and so giving. I am a giving, positive person as well. Personally, for me, I have a problem giving too much. I learned in recent years how to take back more than I give out and with her she had the same problem, giving so much she almost had nothing left. I felt like if we gave to each other then we would never be empty. Moving forward we just vibed and everything felt right. Later on in the show, the chamber tells us why we’re so compatible. We bring out the best in each other, family-oriented, she is supposed to push me to get to the next level in my career so for me it just seemed right all at the time.

What was the biggest lesson you learned from his experience being on the show? What advice would you give to your viewers watching the show?

The biggest lesson that I learned was not anything specific to astrology, but more so the environment. Dating multiple people at once, being in that situation. People would say it seemed so easy for you, but it was actually challenging. In that kind of situation you have different peoples emotions involved, so what I’ve learned is that over the years I’ve built up so much self love for myself that I took very good care of myself but that was in my own routine, my own structure, my own situations in life. Being put outside that situation, I could see me crumbling, and that’s one of the reasons why I fell for Jaz so hard because I leaned on her so much that it felt comfortable, it felt right. She helped bring me back to the place where I was off the show and I was in my routine and working on myself and I was feeling good all the time, so with her there it just made me feel good and helped me get back to the moment. The biggest thing that I learned is that self-love constantly has to be worked on and constantly worked towards if you want to have the feeling of positivity and greatness within yourself.

Where did you learn that self-love and growth from?

I have learned it from my past mistakes. I’ve always wanted to be better, and I want too much for myself. I can be my biggest critic despite people telling me I am doing a great job, but it was one of those things where you have to take a step back and be present in that moment. Of course I am going to get better as time progresses, but I have learned to be present and cherish and love the way I am right now.

Based on this experience, would you go on another dating show again or bear your vulnerability on any TV show again?

Honestly, I would probably do it again. The people that I’ve gotten feedback from that are close to me that I love, they know me very well but they said that was definitely me. Kind of watered down, but that was me being genuine, kind, trying to be as open to the process as possible.

Do you believe being in that group setting put more pressure on you to find love/ find your soulmate?

I wouldn’t say it put more pressure [on me] to find love, I would say it was a lot more difficult because of the type of person I am. As a giving and loving person, I want to make sure everyone around me is happy and prosperous but choosing one person means others are going to get hurt. You’re trying to spread your time out and it makes you wonder am I really doing enough? Am I really giving her a chance? It inflicts on you, but it was definitely a difficult situation. Not to find love, but just seeing how people move when they are hurt, when they are not hurt, when they are feeling you, when they are not.  It gives you a better idea of the type of people you are really around and who you want to be with.

What is your relationship with Jaz now? Is marriage all it’s hyped up to be?

*Laughs*  No spoiler alerts! If yall wanna know what happens afterward, I’m going to need at least 10K, and a billion views! I’m not giving any tea!

Be sure to binge-watch Cosmic Love !

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