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Granddaughter and 88-year-old grandfather celebrate graduation of a lifetime together

For 23-year-old Melanie Salazar, the saying of life long learning can definitely be said for Salazar and her 88-year-old grandpa who graduated together from the University of San Antonio Texas.

It has been a dream for Rene Neira since the 1950s to receive a bachelor’s degree. His dream was put on pause due to his dedication to raising his family and working graveyard shifts throughout the years. It wasn’t until seven decades later, Neira’s granddaughter inspired him to revive his dream and enroll in his first semester at University of Texas San Antonio.

Neira attended a few classes and seemed like his dream of a degree was on the right path. Unfortunately, Neira faced new struggles of his health and struggled to understand the technology of remote classes.

Salazar made it her mission to fulfill his dream of getting a college degree and asked that university officials for any type of praise for her grandfather.

The university agreed and awarded Neira with a degree of recognition for his efforts. It was thanks to them that Salazar received her bachelor of arts in communications alongside her grandpa who received a degree of recognition in economics at the same graduation ceremony!

Written By: Destinee Mondragon

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