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Greenleaf Actor Lamman Rucker and Reality Stars Toya Johnson & Reginae Carter Team up in the name of Literacy!

Clarence Nero is truly unsung hero. Clarence is the founder of the Bayou Soul Youth Literary Conference which creates opportunities that extend to high school students all over the world and aims to promote reading, literacy and education with the intention to bring youth closer to the arts, apart from offering valuable information about college and trades.

 The event features celebrities every year and this year it’s virtual! A few names attached to this year’s conference are Lamman Rucker, Toya Johnson, Reginae Carter and many more.

Be sure to register for this incredible virtual conference as this year’s theme is “Healing Through Storytelling”, and we’ve got to say that it couldn’t be more timely given the circumstances of 2020!!

Check out some photos from this incredible annual event & be sure to watch our conversation with the founder Clarence Nero in the video below.

For more information about the virtual conference this year, the official website is HERE.

Lamman Rucker, Mayor Broome, Maya Angelou’s niece Sabumni Woods and founder Clarence Nero with the contestants and winners for the Maya Angelou Writing contest.
Lamman Rucker, singer Jason Warrior, actress Nicole Porche, actor Lance Gross, Toya Johnson, & Skye Dakota.
Check out the winners of the Maya Angelou contest with Mayor Broome and founder of the Bayou Soul Youth Literary Conference, Clarence Nero.
Lamman Rucker, Danny Glover Chancellor Willie E. Smith, and Clarence Nero.

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