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The Growth Of The Female Business Owner – Meet Bianca Bee

Bonding over makeup is quite a common pastime of best friends. We had the wonderful opportunity to learn even more about what’s to come for the all-inclusive brand owner of BFF Cosmetics, Bianca Bee. 

Not only will you find Bianca wearing the pants as a cosmetics line owner, but also as a motivational figure, utilizing social media to continue to strive for a positive online presence for people of all ages. Her determination to launch a line of cosmetics that brings the combination of friendship and beauty to a whole new standard, is nothing short of remarkable. 


1.Tell us about BFF Cosmetics! How did your business get started?

BFF Cosmetics which stands for Beauty. Friends. Forever.  Is an all-inclusive makeup brand that promotes all things beauty, eyebrows, and makeup with best friends.

BFF Cosmetics Company was founded by Author and Influencer Bianca Bee. Bianca’s vision of the brand was created in December 2014. She wrote the concept down in her 10-year-plan that she would have her own beauty and did just that in 2020.

2. Can you share with us any hurdles that you had to overcome as a business owner?

“When I first started my cosmetics company, I had no idea how hard packaging and shipping was and the amount it costs to ship products. It plays a huge part in budgeting when starting a new business. It sounded so simple until I did it the first day of launching and selling out. I was like, “holy cow, how am I going to ship all this stuff by myself? I had to ask my grandmother for help. So I highly recommend new business owners to have a shipping budget and a marketing budget.

3. What sets your business apart from other businesses in your industry?

What sets me apart from other brands is honestly my “Bestie Brows” collection. I feel like this collection is an everyday product that everyone wears. It doesn’t matter if you don’t wear heavy makeup daily, a BFF will always have her eyebrows filled. Every beauty lover loves a good eyebrow pencil and that is what BFF brings to the table. Most people start out with tons of products, I wanted to start out small and build.

4. Where do you envision your business in the next 5 years?

I envision my business in the next five years being accessible rather than just online. I imagine my company being in Ulta and Target. 

5. Is there anything that we can lookout for that’s coming up in the next few months? Any new releases etc. ?

We will be launching more Bestie Brow shades, a winter collection and makeup palettes. 

6. Where can we follow you and your business on social media?

You can follow my business at and on Instagram

Interviewed By: Hannah Fletcher 

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