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Meet The Woman Behind Successful Yoga Brand – Fits4Yoga

Fits4Yoga is bringing diversity into the yoga industry by being a women-owned and Black-owned Yoga boutique. We had the chance to speak with the woman behind the brand, Tempestt Young.

Fits4Yoga opened their doors July 1, 2019, and what started off as a pop up, has now turned into an amazing storefront in the Chicago Ridge Mall and Star Wood Retail. *Please note that this location is closed due to the pandemic. Fits4Yoga is planning to reopen in another location in late 2022, so be sure to visit their website and social media to stay abreast of their new location. Be sure to visit their website here.

1. Tell us about Fits4Yoga! How did your business get started?

Fits4yoga got started in 2018. I was googling clothing for my yoga classes and noticed that there weren’t any affordable and trendy clothing. I noticed an issue and decided to create a solution.

2. Can you share with us any hurdles that you had to overcome as a business owner?

I think the lack of funds would be the biggest hurdle in starting a business. Access to capital is challenging. There are some good opportunities out there, just need the time to research but that can be time-consuming as well.

3. What sets your business apart from other businesses in your industry?

The yoga space doesn’t have a lot of diversity. Being black-owned and women-owned is what sets us apart. The clothing itself is original, stylish, and comfortable.

4. Where do you envision your business in the next 5 years?

In the next 5 years, I want a bigger location for Fits4yoga where we have enough room for clothing and yoga classes.

5. Is there anything that we can lookout for that’s coming up in the next few months? Any new releases etc. ?

Yes, always new clothing and new designs. More virtual yoga classes but we are moving back to in person.

6. Where can we follow you and your business on social media?

Fits4yoga on Facebook and instagram

Interviewed By: Francesca Ellana


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